Alcohol Server Online Traning Program
A training program is now available to clients and their employees. This will help train your employees in how to avoid selling alcohol to underage and already intoxicated customers. This course provides your employees with all the necessary knowledge and techniques they need to be a responsible servers of alcohol.
Course Outline
  • Age Verifiction and ID Techniques
  • Physical effects of Alcohol
  • Recognizing intoxication
  • Refusal of service
  • Incident documentation
  • State specific laws and regulations
    Each participant receives an official certification card within a few days of course completion.
    Unless otherwise mandated by state laws, program carries a 3 year certification.
    Click Here to Begin Training Program Pick the State of your employment, then Course Catalog For Businesses dispensing Alcoholic Beverages on Premises, please make certain you in enroll in the course noted as ON PREMISES